• Unload. Load. One Stop.

  • An inert landfill...

  • An aggregate recycling center...

  • In one location.

  • Asphalt recycling.

  • Recycled concrete crushing.

  • Rebar is not a problem.

  • Trucks in and out quickly.

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Located on north side of 120th Avenue, 3/4 mile west of Highway 85.

Henderson Pit is an inert landfill and recycled aggregate supplier serving the Denver metro area.

Henderson Pit offers both a landfill disposal site & recycled concrete and recycled asphalt products in one convenient location. Located 3/4 mile west of Highway 85 on the north side of 120th Avenue.

Recycled Aggregates Produced
Landfill Disposals Accepted
Landfill Disposals Not Accepted

We offer contractors two locations in one.

Henderson Pit is the choice of contractors because our site saves time and transportation costs. Project waste is dropped in our landfill, trucks then proceed to our concrete and asphalt recycling section to load crushed aggregate material to be returned to the job site.

Utilizing recycled aggregates provides credits towards the LEED® Green Building Rating System.

The use of recycled concrete can contribute significantly to the project’s LEED certification. According to the US Green Building Council, specific points can be earned within the following categories:

  • Construction Waste Management (Materials and Resources Credit 2)
  • Recycled Content (Materials and Resources Credit 4)
  • Regional Materials (Materials and Resources Credit 5)