Our Recycled Products

Everything we make is recycled. Some say we’re a little over the top with recycling.


Recycled Concrete Products

We don’t crush your budget.

All recycled concrete products are 100% post consumer concrete.

Class 1 - 3/4" Crushed Concrete

Our Class 1 crushed concrete meets or exceeds CDOT specifications and is commonly used as structural back fill.

Class 6 Road Base 3/4" Crushed Concrete

This product is frequently utilized as a foundation for asphalt and concrete roadways passing CDOT specs for Class 6 Road Base.

1" Screened Concrete

Henderson Pit’s 1″ crushed and screened concrete is most often used for under-drains and utilities.

3" Crushed Concrete

Three Inch crushed concrete is as an excellent option for stabilization purposes.

6" Minus Crushed Concrete

Our 6″ minus is an approved option in stabilization applications.

Recycled Asphalt Products

We crush the competition.

All recycled asphalt products are 100% post consumer asphalt.

3/4" Minus Crushed Asphalt

Recycled Asphalt Pavement is a cost-effective method for surfacing parking lots and driveways with excellent bonding capabilities.

3" Crushed Asphalt

Three inch crushed asphalt is used as a mechanism for stabilization.

Recycled Miscellaneous Products

Our top selling miscellaneous products.

3/4" Salt & Pepper Mix - (Mix of Concrete and Asphalt)

Our 3/4″ recycled asphalt mixed with 3/4″ recycled concrete is a preferred material most widely sourced by the oil field industry in use of service roads and pads.

Screened Topsoil

The topsoil at Henderson Pit is screened to achieve a consistent particle size which encourages nutrients and water to flow freely through the soil ensuring the most desirable conditions for successful planting.

Recycled Custom Products

You need it. We can make it.


Contact Us about Your Custom Product... pretty sure we can Make It.

Whether you have a product you’re unable to source, or you have unusual specifications for your project – chances are, we can help.

Minimum quantities apply.